ICT Services

The Ministry has created an ICT Services under Secretariat, in order to strengthen the Information Technology and also for the standardization of software and hardware. At present, all departments/divisions have Internet access through 115 mbps internet leased line. To maintain the pace of computerization and to turn Information Technology into a practical tool for the Ministry’s operations, the ICT Unit is concentrating on Up-grading and strengthening the ICT unit. The Programme aims to link and centralize all the databases in the Ministry and create an ICT master plan for the Ministry. These will be achieved through institutional strengthening of the ICT unit and human capacity building of the ICT staff of the Ministry.
As an IT service provider for the Ministry (MoENR), we understand that the information can provide a powerful strategic advantage. In order to ensure the proper mechanisms are in place for information to be collected, analyzed, produced and distributed seamlessly, many IT service providers implement a service desk. Our service desk acts as the main point of contact for any and all IT related questions. Unlike a help desk that clients can call when they are having problems with their IT services, service desk personnel monitor and manage each layer of client service from beginning to end. And a globally competitive knowledge-based ICT services, enabled by open and innovative ICT-enabled governance, providing world-class responsive services to digitally-empowered citizens and communities in a progressive, equitable and sustainable society.
To provide leadership, direction and coordination in the development, implementation and use of ICT for socio-economic development and for delivery of public service to digitally empowered citizens. And is to keep offering and supporting our customers with reliable technologies and solutions to help them stay at the competitive edge of their businesses.