Human Resource Division

The Human Resource Division (HRD) functions directly under the Secretariat and reports to the Hon’ble Secretary. The Division is headed by the Chief Human Resource Officer. The Division provides three distinct services specifically;
  • Human Resource Development Services
  • Human Resource Management Services
  • Civil Service Information System.
1. Human Resource Development Services

The Human Resource Division in the ministry plan and formulate policies and coordinate all HR works of the ministry. It is responsible for reviewing and ensuring that all HR development activities are in alignment with the Ministry and Departments’ goals and mandates. Furthermore, it streamlines the development of Human resources to ensure effective utilization of resources.

2. Human Resource Management Service

The HRD formulates and develops the five-year Human Resource Staffing in collaboration with the Departments and the RCSC and subsequently executes it in alignment with the organizational objectives.

The primary functions within HRM encompasses the recruitment, selection, and appointment of regular, contract, general service personnel, as well as elementary service personnel within the ministry including lateral transfers, in accordance with the approved HR staff strength of the Ministry.

Additional functions include overseeing leave arrangements, managing remuneration and benefits, implementing a performance management system, facilitating promotions, coordinating transfers, handling separations from the civil service, and addressing any other human resources issues pertinent to the Ministry.

3. Information Management System Service

The accuracy and reliability of the civil servants' information is paramount, as this serves as the cornerstone for delivering up-to-date data and information regarding employees. This ensures the efficacy of the Civil Service Information System (CISI) managed by the RCSC. The Division collaborates with staff to maintain and update their service records.

Present Organizational Framework

HR Officers are allocated one or two departments each, where they assume responsibility for all HR-related matters for those Departments.  
To enable the organization to develop and effectively execute its strategies as per the plan and work towards achieving Gross National Happiness.
To ensure that the staffing needs of the Ministry are met and all Human Resource activities are carried out in a fair and transparent manner.