GovBiz Service Center


The 22nd meeting of the C4CS has decided to establish the "GovBiz Service Center '' with the Economic Cluster Secretary of MoENR as the lead Coordinating Secretary for this workstream. The GovBiz Service Center was established to facilitate all business-related services to the public. GovBiz to encourage private sector participation and foster growth, through enhanced facilitation and public service delivery, the government established the Government to Business Service Centre (GovBiz) in August 2023. The GovBiz Centre will function as a comprehensive, one-stop-shop platform for all business-related services to the general public.

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  • To accelerate economic development and progression
  • To enhance public service delivery through a single point of contact (one-stop-shop)
  • To promote Government to business (G2B) services responsibilities
  • To evaluate transparency, efficiency, accountability, professionalism and effectiveness of management operations and performance.
  • To appraise delivery of credible public services in a reasonable time.
  • Serve as single point of contact of all the applicants
  • Fast tracking of business applications, sectoral clearances for priority sector
  • Government to Government facilitation by liaising with agencies including Local Government
  • Grievance redressal
  • To provide a comprehensive, one -stop-shop for all business-related service delivery
  • streamlining government-to-citizen (G2C) and Government-to-business (G2B) services, while also assuming government-to-government (G2G) services responsibilities. 
  • To enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of these services by eliminating the need for multiple visits to various agencies for approvals. 
  • It aims to facilitate efficient acquisition and completion of all necessary information and clearances on behalf of applicants, resulting in cost and time saving.
The center will primarily focus on
  • Streamlining G2B services, assuming G2G services responsibilities.
  • Facilitate the process of seeking and completing all necessary information and clearances on behalf of the applicants.
  • Business process re-engineering / Simplifying the business process