MoENR celebrated the world Ozone Day on 16th September at Zhichenkhar.

The Department of Environment and Climate Change observed the World Ozone Day 2023 on September 16 at Zhichenkha, Thimphu. The event was graced by Honorable Dasho Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, UN Resident Representative for Bhutan, Country Representative of WWF Bhutan Country Office and other officials from various agencies and organizations.

As this year’s theme “Montreal Protocol: fixing the ozone layer and reducing climate change” highlights, the event was organized to celebrate and reflect the remarkable achievements of the Montreal Protocol in phasing our ozone depleting substances, in repairing ozone layer and at the same time highlighting the importance of cooperation in addressing the issues on climate change.

The event saw the awarding of prizes to the 6 winners of the Nationwide School art competition (three each from Primary category and Middle secondary category) and prize awarding for top 10 winners from the Online Facebook selfie challenge.

During the event, the National Adaption Plan report and Bhutan’s Long-Term Low Greenhouse Gas Emission and Climate Resilient Development Strategy were also launched, which were developed to enhance adaptability to climate change impact and achieving the global goal of reducing GHG emission.